Working with Ruby
Hi, I am Jan. This is my old Ruby blog. I still post about Ruby, but I now do it on You should also install Irbtools to improve your IRB.


This is a Ruby implentation of the SHA-256 hashing algorithm. Truth be told: It is almost a plain copy of the Wikipedia pseudocode ;)


Quicksort in 5 minutes

Some time ago, I conducted a short presentation about Ruby. And to impress the audience, I did some live coding and implemented the quicksort algorithm in 5 minutes. They were impressed :)


Playing with Dijkstra

About a year ago, some students at my university announced a little programming competition for students beginning studying IT, like me. The language could be chosen freely.

At this time, I had already done some C and PHP programming.. but I also had heard of Ruby and that Ruby is sooo cool. So I decided to learn the basics of Ruby by taking part… and it’s been the right decision! I fell in love with Ruby ;).

I publish my solution here. It is a good “try to understand what it does”-exercise for people new to Ruby or programming in general (or people doing Rails only all the time).