Working with Ruby
Hi, I am Jan. This is my old Ruby blog. I still post about Ruby, but I now do it on You should also install Irbtools to improve your IRB.

Ruby Brainfuck golf [Update]

Some days ago, I discovered a website – which is the most addicting one I know :) – The goal is, to solve programming problems with as short code as possible.

As I said, it is addicting. You do not write better ruby code by golfing. But you can really improve the knowledge of the language. And it is fun :)


After doing some of the other challenges I tried the brainfuck challenge.
Brainfuck is a Turing-complete esoteric programming language consisting only of 8 letters, operating on a 30000 cells-array. This is the hello world program:

>+++++++++[<++++++++>-]<.>+++++++[<++++>-]<+.+++++++..+++.[-]>++++++++[<++++>-] <.>+++++++++++[<++++++++>-]<-.--------.+++.------.--------.[-]>++++++++[<++++>- ]<+.[-]++++++++++.

The goal is to build a interpreter.


Quicksort in 5 minutes

Some time ago, I conducted a short presentation about Ruby. And to impress the audience, I did some live coding and implemented the quicksort algorithm in 5 minutes. They were impressed :)


Troubleshooting an aegis-permission problem

In my current Rails project, I use the aegis gem for rights management. And I almost got mad, wondering, why it wouldn’t work..

…read is an online RDoc for Edge Rails, which is regenerated every day. It is based on sdoc with some custom css.

Update 06.06.2010: Relaunched with better stylesheets!