Working with Ruby
Hi, I am Jan. This is my old Ruby blog. I still post about Ruby, but I now do it on You should also install Irbtools to improve your IRB.

Oh, this sweet and tasty syntactic sugar!

This article is written for people with experience in programming in general, but who are new to Ruby.
A German version is published in the offline magazine #2, a magazine by some students of TU Dresden.

The intention is to demonstrate some features of Ruby and show, what is so great about Ruby:

A clean syntax combined with the possibility to adapt the language to given requirements flexibly.


A* in Brainfuck! by Thammi

Yeah! I am one of the two winners of the programming competition I talked about at Playing with Dijkstra.

Furthermore, Thammi, a friend of mine, is the winner of the category “crazy” with a brainfuck implementation!