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RubyBuntu -5- Modernize your gedit Ruby language specs!

How to get the following for your gedit:

  • Up-to-date Ruby syntax highlighting
  • Proper highlighting for .js.erb or .yml.erb files
  • Gemfile.lock highlighting

I’ve put some days into improving the gedit Ruby syntax file and a suitable style. It’s far from perfect (I think vim’s is still better), but you can definitely feel the difference :)


Examples of the new Ruby language spec


You can either try the experimental installer:

gem install rubybuntu-gedit
rubybuntu-gedit install

Or install each component manually (it’s not hard ;) )

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murphy | August 18, 2011

Awesome :-) I like the idea of true = green, false = red, but it may imply something that is not true (false = dangerous, true = okay).

stjhimy | August 18, 2011

What about gmate?

Stevo | August 19, 2011

I'm getting a syntax error (unexpected "\n") on line 76.

J-_-L | August 19, 2011

Thanks :). It's one of my favourite "features". It might be true, that it implies wrong things, but haven't experienced that myself - and you can always ignore this extra styling posibilities

gmate is cool, but it's a big package that focuses on providing nice plugins. The stuff I focus on is more low-level. But I am trying to get the ruby.lang file directly into gedit or gmate.

Can you please specify, when do you get that error?

James | August 19, 2011

Thanks, I like this.

Also got the syntax error, see

vlz | October 14, 2012

Very nice, thanks! Installer worked.